Thanks to archaeological excavations carried out in the cave of Aldène, nestled in the canyon of the Cesse, man’s presence in this corner of the Languedoc for over 6,000 years can be confirmed.

That is to say that man had the time to impress his presence into the landscape. And even if history has not spared them all, lots of monuments have survived. There are the dolmens, such as the Fades dolmens near Pépieux, those of the Planette plateau at Félines, and the Cigalière dolmen on the limestone plateau overlooking Cesseras. Then there are the castles. And a whole host of religious buildings, including beautiful chapels like the one at Centeilles, near Siran, with its 15th-century frescoes, or the Saint-Germain chapel, with its Lombard bands characteristic of the first southern Romanesque art, nestled in the pines beside Cesseras. Other remains of a colourful past are the former marble quarries above Félines-Minervois, where they quarried the blocks of Turquin and Griotte red to be used at Versailles.