T he power of the red wines of La Livinière can be explained by the dominant strength of the mineral, the slopes facing south towards the sun, and the paucity of rainfall – barely 400 to 500 millimetres a year.

But, the sunny nature of the red wines of La Livinière is luckily tempered by the breezes that sweep down from the plateau at night. This is what lends the feeling of elegance, the coolness and the sweetness to the tanins in the wines of the cru. A natural balance that the winemakers have learnt to enhance. In particular, by selecting the right combination from the palette of grape varieties. That is, essentially, mixing the ‘northern’ syrah with grenache and carignan native to the south. A major trio rendered here in one of its most enchanting incarnations. It is powerful and elegant in the mouth, with aromas of ripe fruit, strong essences of the garrigue, of olives, sometime truffles, cool minty hints, and spicy notes. In short, a singular and multifaceted harmony that echoes the landscape.